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basic configuration

Mandatory fields for all accounts

Virtual path

Unique identifier, that is the location you want to mount to, if you want to mount to the root directory, it is /


When there are multiple accounts, it is used for sorting, the smaller the higher

One has three related options:

  • proxy: whether the web terminal and the direct link can go through the transfer
  • webdav_proxy: webdav file download does not go through transfer
  • webdav_direct: webdav is directly relayed by this machine

If there are no proxy and webdav_proxy options, it means that you can only go through transit

Storage points can be requested directly (with proxy switch) and cannot be requested directly (without proxy switch) Those that cannot be requested directly will go directly to the server where the program is located (if you do not fill in down_proxy_url) Can be requested directly:

  • proxy off, webdav_proxy off: file download requests do not go to the server at all
  • proxy on, webdav_proxy off: the preview on the webpage and the direct link download all go to the server, but the webdav download does not go to the server
  • proxy off, webdav_proxy on: the preview on the webpage, the direct link download does not go to the server, but the webdav download goes to the server
  • proxy on, webdav_proxy on: web page preview, direct link download and webdav download all go to the server.
  • webdav_direct: If this switch is turned on, the webdav file will be directly transferred by this machine without going through 302 jump. If this item is turned off and webdav_proxy is turned on, the file download may go through multiple 302 jumps.

down_proxy_url (download proxy address)

When the proxy is turned on without filling in this field, the local machine will be used for transfer by default.Two proxy methods are provided:

cloudflare workers

You can use cloudflare workers for proxy, just fill in the cloudflare workers address here. The workers code can be found at in:

  • HOST: your Alist address, The protocol header must be added, and cannot be followed by /. Such as;
  • TOKEN: see Token in the Alist section.

Universal Binary

You can also use another machine for proxying, download the program at

./alist-proxy -help to see how to use it.

You can also develop your own agent program, the general steps are:

  • When downloading, it will request PROXY_URL/path?sign=sign_value
  • Verify sign in the agent program, the calculation method of sign is:
const name = path.split('/').pop();
const sign = md5(`alist-${TOKEN}-${name}`).slice(8, 24)
  • After verifying the sign is correct, requesting HOST/api/admin/link, you can get the URL of the file and the request header to be carried
  • Use the information to request and return

api_proxy_url (API proxy address)

Same as down_proxy_url, the proxy used by the request API is specially prepared for storage that cannot be directly accessed in China, such as GoogleDrive and PikPak.


  • front: put all folders to the front when sorting
  • back: put all folders to the back when sorting